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"Enzacta has developed and patented the only alfa complete mitonutrition polysaccharide (glyconutrient) product which is 98% deliverable to the cells."

This leading edge technology organic whole food product provides Mitonutrientsa comprehensive combination of essential amino acids and sugars needed to directly target the mitochondria (power plant) of the cell to create ATP (cellular energy). Without this essential combination of polysaccharides and peptides the mitochondria cannot optimally produce ATP. No other company has the technology to connect these proteins to the sugar trains with 98% absorption in the cells.
Enzacta uses a proprietary and innovative technique utilizing biotechnology and nanotechnology to extract polysaccharide peptides* from specially selected grains of rice.  The rice is grown in the Siam Valley of Thailand where the soils are alkaline and rich with nutrients. The rice is not modified in any way. (*Polysaccharide is a word synonymous with glyconutrient.  Peptide is the protein/amino acid chain.) 
The specific properties and combinations of these antioxidants, organic minerals, amino acid compounds and polysaccharides have the ability to stimulate the body into a natural state of homeostasis (where the body is in balance) therefore blood sugars, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, electrolytes and pH become balanced and the natural healing begins. 

Alfa PXP Forte is a powerful blend of polysaccharide peptides

[Polysaccharides are essentially carbon sugars or complex carbohydrates which are used as sources of energy by the cells.  Peptides are formed from the linking of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.]

Alpha PXP Forte's polysaccharide peptides are derived from a select mixture of rice grains harvested in the Siam Valley of Thailand and Alfa Spirulina (see page on Spirulina) from the Pacific Ocean, that combines over 50 antioxidants, second-generation nanotechnology to bond polysaccharide peptides through hydrolization, forming concentrated, naturally-hydrolyzed alpha glycans. Advanced nanotechnology is the only way to extract these particles and preserve them in powder form.

Alpha glycans are tiny nutrients that are easily absorbed by your cells  who recognize them as biological super-fuel - nutrients you just can’t get in a modern diet. This super-fuel is pumped directly into cellular mitochondria – the power plants of your cells* – for a natural energy boost that lasts all day and promotes restful sleep each night.

[*Why do I need to feed the mitochondria of my cells? Because sickly mitochondria are a reality.  After reading the following please go to our page on Mitochondrial Disease]
Alfa PXP Forte is also a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals – dangerous particles that rip through your cells and cellular DNA, causing cell damage, mutation and death.

It is this damage that is linked to metabolic disorders like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes and all degenerative disease.

Alfa PXP Forte’s ability to feed your cells at the molecular level (98% absorption), at the same time it protects them from damage, means this amazing functional food supports your body’s ability to:

• Fight the effects of Syndrome X
• Boost your immune system to fight illness and disease
• Get energy, vitality, mental clarity and focus
• Enhance circulation and brain function
• Target hormonal imbalances and poor sleep
• Fight depression, memory loss and dementia
• Decrease high blood pressure, elevated LDL and triglycerides
• Balance blood sugar levels and improve digestion
• Enhance libido and sexual performance
• Boost metabolic function and increase weight loss
• Fight disease and aging the natural, healthy way

Best of all, most PXP users report positive results in four weeks, with symptoms of illness reversed in four to eight weeks. You may be just weeks away from feeling better than you have in years.
[These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.]
Ingredients in Alfa PXP
Alfa PXP FORTE contains only 100% natural ingredients: specially selected rice grains that contain Alpha PXP and aquatic Alpha Spirulina.

What is Alpha PXP? PXPs are polysaccharide peptides – special carbohydrates that are attached to unique proteins and amino acids.  PXP is found in the cell walls of special strains of rice, and carefully extracted to retain its potency.  Each PXP molecule contains a complete amino acid profile, complex carbohydrates, cofactors, vitamins and minerals – everything your cells need to create energy and restore health.

Alpha PXP forte is a soft white powder that mixes instantly in liquid making it completely bio-available.  In fact, the more efficiently PXP dissolves, the more polysaccharide peptides are released into the body, and the more effective they are.  Alpha PXP forte has no side effects, is safe for use by everyone, of any age, and in any physical condition. 

Alpha PXP forte never contains pesticides, insecticides, dairy products, gluten, wheat, chemicals, sugar, fillers, binders, additives, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors.  

What is Spirulina?  Only Alpha PXP Forte is enriched with pure Alpha Spirulina, a micro-algae that has been called the “food of the future.”  This single-cell plant has been studied for three decades after it was discovered to contain almost every type of nutrient – proteins, amino acids, chelated minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, rhamnose sugars, trace minerals and enzymes.  Over 200 studies have now confirmed Spirulina’s powerful ability to:

  • Protect the liver and kidneys from heavy metal build-up
  • Neutralize cell-destroying free radicals
  • Build brain and circulatory health to support energy, memory, concentration and focus
  • Defend against viral invaders, strengthening and activating the immune system.
See link:  Spirulina Facts


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